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Monday, August 2, 2010

family photos

Our Family. From Youngest to Oldest,
Sam is four years old. She is learning her alphabet and numbers...and says interesting things like..'When we get a new mommy we will give her your keys and phone". This was said when I wasn't being "Nice enough".
She is really looking forward to starting school and has already met with who we hope will be her teacher...Ms. Ally.

Tacie is in the 2nd grade this year at the Molalla River Academy. Her teacher Ms. Smith (smithee) is wonderful with her. Tacie loves school and loves to learn. She struggles with some learning differences (as did several siblings) but makes up for it with enthusiasm.
Hyrum is in the fourth grade. He is also at the charter school. He likes his teacher and she enjoys having him in class, although keeping him on task is not an easy thing. Hyrum has taken his diabetes in stride, with a few moments of rebellion now and then. It is a big change for any child and I am proud of the maturity he is developing. He loves computer games.

Benjamin is in 6th grade at the charter school. He loves his friends and is popular with the other kids. He is growing up so fast and will be twelve this summer! He loves spending time with Tayla when she is home from college and also loves computer time.

Micah is sitting here while I write. She is a big help to me and loves to give to others. She does well in school and is looking forward to high school next year! (ack!) isn't looking forward to that!

Mariah is a fashionista extraodinaire. She is dramatic and very talented. She is also a big help with managing the kids. She still has a beautiful singing voice..and it is such a treat for me to hear her singing.

Carder is doing well in High School also, working on band, drama, and music. He is in the elite group of singers called "socialaires" and had a solo in the singing christmas tree program this year. He finished the season by having a small role in The Christmas Carol. It is the third time he has played a drunk person in one of the plays. What is up with that? When he isn't playing a drunk he is usually a butler...four times now he has done the buter...once he was a drunk butler. hmmm..

Tayla is busy with her second year at BYU. She is still trying to find her groove there. What she really enjoys most is drawing, drawing, writing about her drawing, and drawing about her writing...and then drawing some more. She is truly talented. We are hoping to find a way to marry her passion with her school work at BYU...and make it a profitable passion. (well I am hoping).

That is the end of the bragging for now. Thanks for checking it. please leave a comment.
Love, deBBie

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh no.

I went for an ultrasound today and there was "no cardiac activity". So now I have to wait and see if my body figures it out. Been pretty sad about it. It is amazing how many feelings a person can have at one time, but mostly sad.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas 2009

This was my Christmas Letter this year.

Did this year go by slowly or quickly for you? I was thinking about how quickly it went by when I was hunting for the Christmas stockings last week. They were still in the kids bedrooms as I never got around to putting them away last YEAR. Has it really been a year? Wow. It went by so fast.

How slowly it went during that first Sunday after Tayla left for BYU. I missed her so much. I think the year slowed down after she had gone. I also felt the length between paychecks much more keenly and that made the year go by more slowly as well.

The summer vacation went by quickly. One moment we were enjoying a lovely reunion and wedding with my family in Utah and then I was hurrying to buy uniforms for Ben, Hyrum and Tacie to start at their new charter school and now those very clothes are already starting to wear out.

The time passed slowly the nights I waited for Carder to finish his play practice and for Micah or Mariah to finish up at an activity or at a friends house.
I spent a lot of minutes that felt like hours waiting in the car this year.

Quickly passes the time after the kids leave for school before I have to pick them up in the afternoon. I have big plans for all the cleaning etc..I am going to get done but it seems like I only have time to get myself and Sam ready for our day, run a few errands, throw in a load of laundry or dishes and it is time to grab them again. Then the evening flies by with homework, dinner, and my shift at work.

Slowly passes the time I try to spend exercising. 20 minutes feels like an hour when I am on my Gazelle exerciser. Slowly passes the time between meals when I am trying to watch what I eat!

How quickly passes the time when I am on the computer. Hours go by like minutes when I am facebooking, ebaying, or emailing.

AND…how precious the moments I spend reading the scriptures and praying to my Heavenly Father, thanking Him for His many blessings and asking for the strength to keep going in hard times and to keep my testimony bright.

My wish for myself and all of you this year is a few moments of peace and quiet spent contemplating the amazing scene you witnessed as an angel over 2000 years ago. I hope that the spirit will help those moments last for hours, even days as we enjoy the peace the spirit brings this time of year.

Love, -deBBie Nicholas (and the family)
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hi friends and family,
I am sorry I haven't posted on my blog lately. I do a lot of posting on face book and have lots of pictures there. I apologize.
I took some pictures on a recent fall day. I hope you enjoy them.

Ben in a tree.

Mariah is the one who suggested the photo shoot. Isn't she beautiful?

You're a braver man than I am.

Carder was in a melodrama play last month. He played Cokie Joe. It was a melodrama. He was so funny!
Below is a picutre of Sam from that fall day.

Sad News.

We said goodbye to some dear friends the last two months. First we lost one year old Cosmo. (above)
Then two weeks ago we lost Mangy. (below) He has been with us for around 12 years.

This is the last photos I have of him, in Earl's arms. It was taken about 5 hours before he died.

Happy Halloween
The kids and I carved pumpkins together for FHE

We had a family portrait taken at the ward Halloween party. Devon (back left) was staying with us for a little over a week. He came with us. It was fun to have him there. Mariah had already left the Ward Halloween Party when the above picture was taken.

Mariah and Micah.

Ben and Hyrum playing in the fog machine in town.
Carders "Edward" had the girls (and women) in the ward swooning.

Tacie and Dad...AWWW.

Our friend Devon who stayed with us awhile. It was lots of fun.

Tayla will be home for two weeks at Christmas. We are so excited. Someone just gave us a 10 ft tall noble. We are so blessed. Christmas can start now.
I love you all.

Friday, May 1, 2009

This is a video the kids are working on with friends...the rest of the story is on youtube.

I recently entered Sam in a Johnson and Johnson baby bath , maybe not a great idea...and not a very good video..but she is cute so I am including it.